Top Shelf Marg Tour 2018

Tour was great! 

We played at Half Brothers Brewing in Grand Forks, and despite some serious technical difficulties, (we may have blown out some speakers) we prevailed and drank some tasty brews.

Why Not!?! in Minot was an amazing experience. We met lots of rad people, hung out in a cool park, blunderbussed some barley pops, and basically drove around in a cramped mini van with no A/C in 97 degree weather.

Grandpa's House in Moorhead, MN was definitely a good time. We met the Dendrons from Chicago, Meat Jelly from Madison, WI, and local homies Splimit! We're stoked to play with all those bands in the future and will be back at Grandpa's house in a couple days to grab the symbols we forgot. (Sidebar: In Fargo, there's a restaurant called Sickie's. For the love of God, grilled cheeses for bread.)

We closed it down with Memory Lanes in good old South Minneapolis on Monday. Juno Jetson played and our old pals Bob Ross Mob Boss. It was rad getting back to some familiar faces, especially after spending an afternoon drinking top shelf margs at Chili's for only $5.

Join us on Friday at the 331 in Northeast to hang with Cave Light and Filthy Animals!